Struggling with the fear of gaining weight

Many people with diabetes struggle with their (ideas about their) weight. Weight and blood sugar have a complex and sometimes difficult relationship. Problems with weight and blood sugar often are different for people with type 1 or with type 2 diabetes. Although the two types of diabetes can be related to any type of weight  issue, we generally see two main problems regarding weight and diabetes: 1) people with overweight (mostly type 2 diabetes), needing more medication to keep blood sugar in healthy ranges, 2) people who are deliberately undermedicating (e.g.) hoping to lose weight.
Both types of problems are serious problems. The first problem (needing more and more medication, while being overweight) can bring people in a so called vicious cycle: because of their overweight and higher blood sugar they need more medication, but because of the extra medication, they put on even more weight.
It hardly needs further explanation that the second problem (deliberately undermedicating)  is an unhealthy and even dangerous strategy for weight maintenance/loss, with increased chances of serious diabetes complications in both the short- and long term.
Because of the complexity of the two problems, it is difficult to give proper and tailored online advise. It is of great relevance to discuss any of these problems with your diabetes health care professional (or any other professional you trust). Having this problem doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an eating disorder or some other mental issue, so you don’t necessarily need to be referred to a therapist for it. Of course, you can be, if you want to, but is not (always) a necessity. However, it will probably be helpful if a diabetes professional can help you in breaking the vicious cycle. Both types of problems need understanding and help from your diabetes professional. And remember: you are not alone! Many people with diabetes struggle with these types of issues. Your diabetes professional has probably helped other people dealing with these issues before.