Exercise more

Before jumping into a fitness program, get your doctor’s OK to exercise — especially if you’ve been inactive.
Discuss with your doctor which activities you’re contemplating and the best time to exercise, as well as the potential impact of medications on your blood sugar as you become more active.

During your visit:

-Tell your provider if you have any pain in your chest.
-Talk with your provider about joint or bone problems that make it difficult for you to exercise.
-Ask about how increasing your activity level might impact any medicines you take for diabetes, blood pressure, and/or heart conditions.
-Ask what exercises are safe for you and what you need to avoid.
-Ask if there are times when you should avoid activity.

Your health care provider should help support you in your efforts to become more active.

If you have other health conditions besides diabetes, such as heart disease, issues with your vision/eyes (retinopathy), or nerve problems (neuropathy), you may have some limitations when it comes to physical activity.

Your doctor can tell you what exercises are best for you and what activities to avoid.