The Course of Your Disease

During the Course of the Disease

You have been challenged with the diagnosis of diabetes. The diagnosis can be either new or old, however this can lead you to have many different emotions. You are not the only one experiencing grief, anxiety, frustration, and disappointment. It is a natural human response to what you are living, and the same happens for many other people in your situation, especially when it is the case of a first diagnosis.

A pattern of emotions

The usual pattern of these emotions is similar and it resembles the response that we experience for a loss. As a first response you may easily deny (“It can’t be so,” “I feel fine,” “The test could be wrong,” etc.). Then it is the time of bargaining (“If I stop eating sweets, it will go away,” “If I lose 40 pounds, it will go away”). In some cases depression may follow (“I feel like I’ve been given a death sentence”). But if you pass through all these stages with the right support, you will finally reach the final stage of acceptance (“I can control the diabetes and stay healthy”).

In this whole process of adjustment it is important for you to gradually become the center of your healthcare team. You will acquire knowledge and skills, and you will receive the support you deserve – all these things will help you to meet the challenges of living with diabetes.