More about negative emotions

Sometimes, negative emotions are not directly related to blood sugar, but more indirectly related to diabetes: people may be dissatisfied with their self-management, feel frustrated/guilty about high/low blood sugar, experience a lack of understanding in people around them. And of course: having diabetes is no fun. Having negative emotions about diabetes every now and then, is a normal and healthy response.
However, when emotions about diabetes are too negative, it is good to acknowledge that, and to try to take some action.
If you want to learn more about negative emotions related to diabetes, we have more information for you. In the menu item “Managing your Emotions” you will find various texts on specific negative emotions related to diabetes, such as low mood/depression, feeling anxious about hypo’s, feeling anxious about complications, feeling stressed or tired, feeling burned out by your diabetes. Just take a look in our ‘’online library’’ and learn more about negative emotions in diabetes.