In this section you will go through the most common diabetes treatment options. Starting from the concept of blood sugar monitoring, you will be able to find information on diabetes medication, insulin therapy, preventing long term complications, and also about testing and other remedies. You will also find useful content about how to inject and store insulin, how to take medications correctly, and how to take care of other possible complications.

When starting to treat diabetes two objectives are equally important:

1. Your quality of life should not suffer. The goal is to stay free from any diabetes-related symptoms as much as possible and not to be surprised by any acute symptoms (e.g. low blood sugar).

2. Any form of long term complications should be prevented or delayed. Without active management and participation from your side, you won’t get your diabetes under control.

Treatment for type 2 diabetes requires a lifelong commitment to:

  • Blood sugar monitoring
  • Healthy eating
  • Regular exercise

In some cases, diabetes medication or insulin therapy

In general there are three different types of diabetes therapies available:

1. Therapy without medication (drug free therapy). This method depends only on a change of your lifestyle, meaning being physically active and having good nutrition.

2. Therapy with medication in form of pills

3. Therapy with insulin