Increasing goal progress

When not having reached your goal, or not having succeeded in following upon your plans, there might be many reasons and explanations. Similarly, there might be many solutions and helpful tips to increase your chances of goal progress next time.
Below, we summarize general tips that might be helpful in increasing your chances of goal progress/following upon your plans

  • Create a (n extra) cue to make sure you won’t forget the plan: make a reminder in your phone/computer, put a note/post-it on a place that you see most of the day
  • Make sure that your plan is explained/mentioned to at least one person who is close to you. He/she could simply ask how you are doing, and whether your plan worked out.
  • Make sure that you won’t start talking/thinking negatively about yourself. Try to motivate yourself with a positive slogan/mantra. And be sure that you won’t use a negative slogan/mantra. If you want to know more about this, you can click here for more information on negative self-talk

Give yourself a small reward for every time you succeed. This can be something simple: taking a few minutes/some time for yourself, watch your favorite tv-series, take a bath, drink your favourite coffee/tea (for an inspirational  list of pleasurable activities, click here.