Negative self-talk

Too bad you did not succeed in fulfilling your goal. That is what (sometimes) happens when trying to reach your goals and changing behaviours. It is all in the game 🙂

When not fulfilling/reaching our goals, many people start ‘blaming’ themselves and (unconsciously) start negative self-talk. This negative self-talk is believed to be helpful, but in reality only ‘helps’ to feel bad about yourself and making it even more unlikely to reach a goal next time.

In general, people don’t like hearing negative stuff, so why try to tell yourself that ‘you are stupid/dumb/unworthy etc. for not having reached your goal? Or making yourself feel guilty for not reaching your goal?

Stopping this negative self-talk is not easy, but really necessary when trying to change behaviour!

Because this self-talk is so powerful and automatic, it is quite difficult to change it yourself. You will need someone else to help you change this negative self-talk. Or at least: you will need someone else’s voice to teach you how to talk differently and more positively to yourself.
If you want to learn how to do this, click here to do an exercise on this.