Why exercises are important

Our brain has less attention for things that are not important to us, so it is hard to perform a behaviour with less attention.
In general, we can say that doing sports, performing exercise is healthy for EVERYONE, and especially for people with diabetes. But, of course, it will depend on personal preferences and health conditions what type of activities, which intensity and duration are beneficial.
Many people who have always felt uncomfortable or even negative about sports, have difficulty becoming more active.
It is good to understand that ‘’being more active’’ has many definitions. Research on health benefits of ‘’exercise’’ has shown that simple activities, that are not really associated with sports/exercise can even have the same positive influence on health outcomes as real sports/exercise.
Research even shows the positive influence of ‘’standing’’ versus ‘’sitting’’. Even without really moving, we can increase our health by just simply standing more. So ‘’being more active’’ could also simply imply: sitting down less… Try to be creative in thinking of activities that you could perform standing instead of sitting: e.g. reading the newspaper, watching television, making a telephone call.
If you could replace one sitting behaviour by a standing behaviour every day, you can consider yourself successful in a first step to better health. Just start here, and try to come up with more of such small behaviour changes regarding standing, increased activity without necessarily thinking of sports/exercise.