How to deal with frustration

Sometimes, people with diabetes try their hardest without any apparent result… They injected insulin/took their medication, they monitored glucose, they watched their foods, they exercised, and still their blood sugar values are not in control… Of course, this might lead to feelings of frustration or even thoughts such as ‘’Why am I doing all this?’’ ‘’Does this have any effect, at all?’’
We can totally understand these thoughts and feelings. And they are perfectly normal.
However, we can tell you that your effort in self-management is ALWAYS useful! Always.
Unfortunately, diabetes is no mathematics. It might be tempting to think in mathematical terms, but in the world of diabetes maths means that 2+2 = 4, but sometimes it is 6, or even 7 or 2.5. Without any clear reason.
Most people with diabetes find that extremely frustrating. You are trying so hard, and yet: it seems as if nothing happens..
Keep in mind that if you would do NOTHING or LESS it would be much worse. That means your effort in self-management makes a change!!!  It is just not visible how your effort helps in preventing this worse situation. That is important to remember: your intentions were the best, but it just did not work out the way you hoped…. The next time it probably will.
At these moments it is good to keep in mind that diabetes is no mathematics, and that you can only do your best. Try not to be too negative about your actions/y