Importance of Exercise

In general, exercise is a wise thing to do: having diabetes or not. But for people with diabetes, exercise (or being physically active) is even more important. Just like nutrition, exercise helps to regulate blood glucose. Even to that extent that people who do not use diabetes medication yet, can prevent starting  diabetes medication by exercising regularly (in combination with healthy eating). For people who (already) use diabetes medication, exercising  helps to make the body more sensitive to insulin. That is why many people who use diabetes medication and perform exercise, experience that they need less medication when they are more active. This advantage does not only occur DURING exercise, but even several hours after. Depending on the type and duration of your exercise, you might benefit from increased insulin sensitivity even a day after your exercise. That means that people with diabetes who exercise regularly (at least 3 times a week) can even lower their general need for diabetes medication. And increased insulin sensitivity and less diabetes medication often also means: better circumstances to lose weight. Low insulin sensitivity makes it more difficult to lose weight.
And of course: all general advantages of being physically active still hold: feeling more energetic and positive, increased resilience to stress, and significantly lower risks of cardiovascular