About diabetes complications

In diabetes care most emphasis is put on optimizing blood sugar. Since persistent high blood sugar may lead to unwanted negative health effects (complications), diabetes health care puts strong emphasis on (helping) preventing high blood sugar and complications, and detecting early warning signs.
Most people with diabetes know about the potential negative health effects of persistent high blood sugar. They know about the potential risks of visual impairment, kidney failure or even amputations. And many have heard of or know someone, who has been confronted with diabetes complications.
It is good to know about the potential dangers of persistent high blood sugars, and about how to increase the chances of preventing complications.
It is also good to be realistic about the chances of developing these complications. Fortunately, most people with diabetes will NOT develop these serious complications.
Most people are aware of the dangers of persistent high glucose levels, and will use it to a good end. They are aware, but not negatively influenced by this awareness. They are trying their best to prevent persistent high blood sugar, and do not ruminate (too much) about future complications.
However, some people worry about diabetes complications more than is good/healthy for them.
If you worry about high blood glucose levels and/or complications too much it is good to educate yourself about the actual risks of developing diabetes complications. Your health care professional monitors the (lack of) progress of these complications and is able to tell you more about your personal risk.
Apart from education about (un)realistic chances of complications, it is best to focus on the things you can influence or change NOW. Even when you are faced with an increased chance of developing complications in the future, there are many things you can do NOW that help you in trying to make your health situation as good as possible: monitor your glucose, being compliant to your insulin regimen, eating healthy, doing exercise. You can even ask your health professional which health behaviours are most influential in the (prevention of the) development of complications.
Being fearful will cost you energy. Energy that is lost, without any effect. See whether you can change this negative energy into effective energy, by changing your self-management for the best!