Fear of needles

Feeling uncomfortable about or disliking needles is a normal and healthy response. Having to inject yourself/or being injected simply is no fun. And for some it may even be (a little) painful. Sticking a needle in your own body is not a natural thing to do. In a way, every time we inject ourselves, our brain is telling us ‘’that we are in a dangerous situation’’. Even when we rationally know that these injections are saving our lives, or increasing our health. Rationally we know that it is healthy and good to inject ourselves, emotionally our brain is not that convinced…
Some people have such an intense fear of needles, that they develop negative symptoms every time they have to inject themselves. These symptoms can be:

  • sweating
  • trembling
  • feeling dizzy
  • breathing heavily (hyperventilation)
  • feelings of panic (attacks)
  • fainting

In some, this might even lead to avoiding injections, and not being compliant to their medical regimen.
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