Increasing the personal relevance of monitoring

Our brain has less attention for things that are not important to us, so it is hard to perform a behaviour with less attention.
One good question to ask yourself is: is there ANY moment/situation in which you do find it personally relevant/important to measure your glucose? This could be the moments that you are not feeling well, or before dinner, before going to bed, or before doing sports or driving.
In general, we see that many people with diabetes benefit from measuring their glucose. But some situations/time points are more informative than others. If you are used to measure your glucose every morning when you wake up, that in itself is a good thing. But if your blood sugar are similar every day, it might not be the most informative moment to measure your glucose. You might even benefit from changing the moments you measure completely.
Think about which specific moments would be more/most informative to you. Write them down and discuss them with at least one other person, someone who is close to you. Then try to think of a first step/goal in increasing your monitoring. It is not about ‘’doing everything right’’, but about taking a different approach and a first step in change. Try this first step for at least a couple of days.