I have to go through an X-ray machine at the airport, is it safe?

The advice given by the Civil Aviation Authority regarding pumps and scanners is as follows:

“There are a number of manufacturers of insulin pumps and unfortunately they do not all give the same advice. This varies from assurance that the pumps can safely go through any screening equipment, including X-ray equipment, to advice that the equipment may be affected by even the low-dose X-ray equipment used in some whole body scanners.”

“If you use an insulin pump, it is therefore important to contact the manufacturer of the particular pump that you use for advice. It is also sensible to contact your airline and the airports you will travel through, to find out their requirements if the manufacturer advises that your pump cannot go through some screening equipment.”

For pumps that are not able to pass through body scanners, the advice is as follows:

 “There are some airports where you will not be allowed to travel if you refuse to be scanned. It is therefore advisable to check with your airline and the airports you will be passing through to see if they do allow an alternative check.”

If your pump cannot pass through a scanner and the refusal to pass through will result in refusal to fly.